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At Centinell,we are enthusiasts with the service we provide.

A bit of how we prefer to do things.

We give you IT services with honesty, transparency, professionalism and high IT technical knowledge, always focused on delivering excellent service in a friendly manner.
Centinell arises from the need to provide honest, ethical, and affordable IT services to companies whose main focus is not technology, or who cannot have a full-time IT person for their operations, yet still support their business using technology resources.
Our proposal is simple, yet thoroughly professional, intending to make information technologies accessible, allowing you to focus on the core of your business. No technical jargon, no complex concepts.


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Easy onboarding


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// Our Services //

Our solutions at a glance:

We deliver technical assistance to your staff. This can include resolving issues, answering their queries, and also offering guidance to end-users on various IT-related matters.

With our detailed reports, stay informed about the status of your IT infrastructure to make the best decisions, or keep an eye on the monthly time you spend on IT.

Cloud management and cost optimisation.

Thinking about going to the cloud? Let's discuss the best way to get there using our expertise with AWS.

Are you already using cloud services, but want to reduce and optimise the monthly cost? We also got you covered. Cost optimisation is a discussion we love to have.

Backing up your company's data has never been as easy and at the same time as economical as it is with our cloud backup solution.

We analyse each particular case to plan the best backup scheme according to the specific needs of your company. We store your data using algorithms and high-security standards while ensuring the availability of your data in data centres in Australia.

We like to talk to companies that are thinking of implementing new services to meet specific needs.

Let's talk about your ideas and new IT-related projects.

Free AWS Security Assessment Checklist: Uncover Your Top 9 Vulnerabilities

Enhance your AWS system's defenses against potential threats. Utilize our checklist to identify and address key security weak points, ensuring the protection of your sensitive data and the uninterrupted operation of your AWS infrastructure.

The Core Team

Dinesh Magendren
Technology Enthusiast
Oscar Monsalve
Systems Engineer
Satya Arevalagam
Business Developer
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